Tuokko is part of an international network

Tuokko is an expert organization founded in 1971. We employ around 70 financial management, auditing, taxation and business development professionals in Finland and Estonia. We have been providing customers with a wide range of expert services in financial management and taxation for almost 50 years.

We provide international services in cooperation with Praxity Global Alliance Ltd. Praxity is the world’s largest international alliance of independent audit firms. The alliance consists of over 780 member companies and more than 58,100 experts. Member companies can provide customers with access to expert services around the world, as well as customized business solutions and detailed local knowledge in more than 110 countries. Praxity’s slogan “Truly Local, Totally Global, Trusted Advisers” reflects the fact that its representatives are among the best in their field.

Praxity has been named Association of the Year four times in the last six years. It last won the award in 2019. Independent panelists have repeatedly praised Praxity’s talented staff, resources and international influence, as well as the way in which member companies support enterprises ranging from SMEs and start-ups to large, globally renowned organizations.

Each individual company, such as Tuokko, is the best expert in its region. Together, Praxity companies offer some of the strongest global financial expertise in the industry. We can turn to our Praxity partners whenever we need assistance with specific international issues.

Praxity’s goal is to promote the business of, and facilitate cooperation between, its member companies. The Alliance annually brings representatives together at regional and international conferences, in which Tuokko is actively involved.

Aiming to internationalize? We are here to help you!

Tuokko was established in 1971. In the last 50 years, we have grown into one of the largest family-owned financial management companies in Finland. We employ almost 70 experts in Finland and Estonia.

Are you considering internationalization? We offer expertise in financial management and taxation for operations expanding into Finland or Estonia.  

As part of Praxity, we at Tuokko

Can consult experts from all over the world

Have easy access to a cross-border international network

Can continue working in the way you want, without making disruptive changes

Have access to the latest technology, secure sharing tools and the latest tax and business guides

Access to our local resources and expertise in Finland and Estonia is invaluable to organizations seeking expansion into international markets. We take a practical approach to fulfilling customers’ needs, with solutions that save time and bring financial added value. Companies aiming to internationalize would benefit from local expertise in their new markets. We offer fresh insights and excellent customer service.

Our entrepreneurial background brings us huge management expertise, enabling us to provide executives with expert assistance in a range of situations. Practical experience of various management challenges has given us a unique perspective that cannot be gained in any other way.

Together with our colleagues, we want to solve your internationalization challenges by providing both financial and taxation expertise as you expand into new geographical areas. Our experts will be delighted to help you!

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