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Tuokko is a Finnish company that provides auditing, accounting, payroll and tax services. Learn more about us or contact us now!

Our expertise

Auditing Services

Are you looking for a reliable, local auditor as your partner?

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Accounting Services

Have you started a business in Finland, and are now looking for a reliable financial management partner?

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Payroll Services

Have you founded a company in Finland, or are you hiring employees in Finland for a company that is registered abroad?

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Tax Services

Are you looking for a local partner in tax services?

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Aiming to internationalize?

Tuokko is here to help you!

We offer expertise in financial management and taxation for operations expanding into Finland or Estonia. Access to our local resources and expertise in Finland and Estonia is invaluable to organizations seeking expansion into international markets. We take a practical approach to fulfill customers’ needs, with solutions that save time and bring financially added value. Companies aiming to internationalize would benefit from local expertise in their new markets. We offer fresh insights and excellent customer service.

Our entrepreneurial background brings us huge management expertise, enabling us to provide executives with expert assistance in a range of situations. Practical experience of various management challenges has given us a unique perspective that cannot be gained in any other way.

What our customers say

About us

Tuokko is an expert organization founded in 1971. We employ around 70 financial management, auditing, taxation and business development professionals in Finland and Estonia. We have been providing customers with a wide range of expert services in financial management and taxation for 50 years.


Our global alliance

We are part of an international alliance called Praxity. We provide international services in cooperation with Praxity Global Alliance Ltd. Praxity is the world’s largest international alliance of independent audit firms. The alliance consists of over 850 member offices and more than 60,000 experts.

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