Personal taxation

Our personal tax specialists provide comprehensive assistance from complex global mobility issues to self-employed entrepreneurs. Our expertise relies on providing prompt and accurate answers to issues at hand as well as planning comprehensive and efficient tax strategies for the future. The expected outcome from our tax-vision is that foreseeable tax losses will be secured while benefitting tax-free treatments where available – without cumbersome tax disputes. 

We also help our clients in the tax planning of investment activities, as many of our clients are investors or active serial entrepreneurs, who regularly, after certain period of time sell their business operations that have grown. In these situations, appropriate structuring of operations from the very start is vital.

As being member in the Praxity alliance, we provide quick and clear answers in situations where it is necessary to understand foreign state’s tax and social security issues. Thus, if you have ever dreamt remote working abroad, or from cruise ship, we have the expertise to make your dreams come true (especially labor law, tax and social security perspective). We deliver one-shop-stop promise, so you do not have to find trusted service providers abroad. 

Our typical commissions also include tasks related to an investor or entrepreneur relocating abroad. In these situations, there is often questions on inheritance and gift tax obligations and possibilities. Especially in these situations planning is a real sign of wisdom. 

  • Drawing up personal tax returns and various tax calculations
  • Tax services related to posting abroad or remote working
  • Tax planning for investors and entrepreneurs
  • Assistance in responding to clarification requests of authorities
  • Counselling related to reward and incentive systems
  • Filing social security & tax certificates or providing understanding on international treaties
  • Counselling related to relocating abroad and foreign ownerships
  • Assistance in tax audits and appeal processes

Our legal experts draw up wills, deeds of gift and keep estate inventories, and assist in tax issues related to the settlement of inheritance.


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