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Taxation is a part of all company’s operations and financial activities. Our experts support their clients from daily tax compliance and tax return preparation to complicated structuring projects.

Tuokko offers its clients tax services in all situations covering business and private life in a domestic and international context. Our services are tailored to meet clients’ special needs in each particular case in question. 

As tax advisors, we help you to identify legal obligations in different jurisdictions, understand the tax consequences of your actions. We work closely with you to ensure that all legal requirements have been fulfilled in each jurisdiction and to ensure that you pay the minimum tax required by law. 


Support foreign companies to establish a business in Finland

We provide foreign companies with professional advisory, compliance, and legal services in connection with the following:

  • Optimizing business structure in Finland – branch or separate local legal entity. 
  • Preparing cost estimates 
  • Tax registering support to foreign entities in Finland
  • Permanent Establishment tax support
  • Establishing Finnish legal entities
  • Setting up Finnish payroll
  • Organizing tax reporting and tax payment procedures
  • Individual tax and social security support

Corporate tax and structuring services

Our advisors support clients in various questions related to taxation. They work closely with the client to find optimized ways to structure their business more optimized way. 

Compliance services

Our tax compliance services include:

  • Local and cross-border tax compliance including preparation of tax return in different jurisdictions and coordination of foreign tax credits
  • Assistance with the preparation of bookkeeping and statutory accounts
  • Payroll tax and social security reporting services

Global mobility services

Efficiently managed international assignment policy is an important part of compliant and cost-efficient business operations. 

  • We provide services into the following specialisms:
  • Employer and payroll tax services
  • Global employee tax compliance services 
  • Social security and pensions
  • Immigration 

International taxation 

Tuokko’s international tax professionals together with the Praxity alliance member firms have resources and local teams to support companies in cross-border needs. International tax professionals can provide a complete aspect of any international tax challenge.


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